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When you get home and realize none of your “friends” told you about the food on your face

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Finnegan’s funny face says: I eat just as well as the dog! We both eat the same @bigcountryraw food! 😹 We actually feed Oliver and the cats the same food/protein choices. Oliver gets some veggie scraps here and there, but otherwise he eats a 100% meat diet, just like the cats. BCR Signature Blends are a favourite choice: many contain awesome ingredients including tripe and organ meats (super nutritious for your pet!). We love BCR because they are all about quality. They use products exclusively sourced in Canada, supporting Canadian farmers, such as pasture-raised meats, free-range poultry and wild caught fish, plus organic fruits and vegetables. Only the best for your pet!

March Promotion: Use code MARCHON2019 for 15% off all side dishes, goats milk, quail eggs and bone broth. Plus they now have frozen treat molds in the shape of paws; so cute for making frozen goodies for your pet! Vist @bigcountryraw to learn how affordable and easy it is to feed your pet a raw diet!

Название товара: KOOGIS

Страна: Германия

Год: 2019

Срок годности: до 20.05.2025

Рейтинг товара: 4.88 из 5.00 на основе 267 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка: уточняется у оператора

Оплата: наличными/картой при получении

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