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Good stuff brother my triumph thruxton great bike, but over priced cheap crappy factory head light which melted around the back of bulb, and when washing her the glass shattered so down to auto parts store and got a 15 dollar car head light fits like a dream and well made a lot of the triumph electrics are cheap over priced and rubbish thats my rave seeya.


Good and wise words.. its a shame they fall down on such a small issue aye. you'd think with what they charge for them, they could source their ancillaries from a better supplier than Fisher Price aye.

daniel farmer

Stupid azz design of the day😎 I'm laughing my ass off here. My Bonneville is getting this treatment soon.


Nice one buddy, not sure if I mentioned it in this old video, but smear a generous dab of silicone around the point where the wire goes in to the switch, cos when you relocate it, it will then be upside down and it will stop the water getting in - good luck with it mate, hope it goes well for ya !


I would assume that the procedure is the same for my 2013 Scrambler.


Yep, exactly the same.

Nick Mason

You are costing me a fortune! I bought a T100 in October and have been steadily transforming it into the bike that I want. I started with some ideas and came to YouTube for tricks and tips for the various mods. Your videos are by far the best, keep up the great work. Ignition relocation bracket on order!


Hi Nick, thanks buddy, im glad the videos have been of help to you.. and yeah, they can get a bit addictive to modify aye. when ever you look online, there's always something else that would look great on your bike. lol Good luck with it buddy.. and thanks for watching.. Del.

Ian Franco

Love your videos been learning a lot about maintenance for my Bonnie and also how to upgrade her when I can.


Thanks Ian, im glad the videos can help you out. good luck with your own projects buddy..


You'll be glad to know that Squaredeals have included the 5M bolts now, so no shopping or messing around now


You are doing some great video, i've watch a lots of them! I'm pretty sure you mention in one of them that you have included a sheet with all of the torque setting but i can seem to fine it anywhere? Again great videos!!


I haven't made any video covering torque settings, but that kind of thing is fully available openly on things like Triumph Rat Forum. or in your service manual specific to your bike !

Dawn Smith

Many thanks for a great video, I have just fitted the relocation switch to my T100 and trust me I am no mechanic but with the help of your video I have managed to transform my bike and I am really pleased with the end result, keep up the good work Del

Mark Davis

Update Del, if I may, I am sure it is mentioned here somewhere in the comments, I have just recently had the misfortune of my Bonnie being a non starter, so after the usual head scratching and starting with the battery, fuses etc I narrowed it down to the ignition switch. Stripped said switch down and lo and behold it was crud city. Not too difficult to deal with. Resoldered the wire, tested and away we went. It is important to note that when doing this mod that the good folk remember that the ignition switch does become upside down from the original factory location and therefore is more liable to water/condensation intergration heat shrink or just good maintenance with water repellant spray is advisable, sorry for the long comment but felt it needed to be mentioned, keep up the good work, safe riding Mark


Nice gpoing Mark, im so glad to hear you use the videos to get a few tips.. it makes it all worth while when they are appreciated. good choice on the bike, you'll love it long term. . take care and ride safe.. Del.

Andrew Nash
Andrew Nash

hi off topic a bit. the head light on pennies bon, do yon think it would look ok on a bandit. reson i ask someone fitted a cheap head light and i can see nothing at night and no one can see me.


You don't need a HID light, just a regular halogen bulb in a standard headlight, like the Bonnie one you asked about. if you live in the pitch black countryside, and need more light, you are better off sticking a couple of cree lights low down on the front of the bike connected to the main beam feed for the country lanes.

Andrew Nash

+Moonfleet41 I'm worried about the HID lights. my nc31 keeps blowing regulator rectifier wired from solenoid as told. can you recommend a better light for the bandit.


Hi buddy, it will certainy be a better light than you describe, and it's a regular style, side mounted, headlight - so it should do the job just as well as a Bandit single headlight. will run a full size halogen bulb too !

Just used your video to relocate ignition. So easy with the help of your great video!


That's great to hear Erik, it makes a big change to the bike and is a lot easier to hold the choke on and balance the revs and not have to do all of it with your left hand lol .

David Richards

just fitted mine to my 2015/16 T100, the cabling was very short and I had to reorganise the cables(disconnecting the ignition connector block and passing the cable the other side of a large part of the loom)to gain the last centimeter needed, and I had to remove a cable clamp/crimped support on the rear of the ignition switch because it fouled the frame. It took all of 20 minutes start to finish. ps no spacer washers holding the headlight anymore too


+David Richards Hi David, yeah, this is the order of the day with these parts, obviously the factory didnt design the section of harness to have room for relocation.. but you got it right, you need to completely reroute the short harness and still keep the connector block inside the light shell. glad you got it sorted sir.. all the best.. Del.

David Richards

mine arrived today, with bungie cord bits for the rear shocks and rear seat extended fixings, looks like I will be busy tomorrow ;-) It can with the shorter back screws too. easy peasie


+David Richards Hi David, nice one buddy, get stuck in, it's a lot of fun making your bike into your own personal statement! Good luck with it all, hope it goes well !

Seriously man, your videos are by far the best. you make me go from not daring to touch a thing to feeling confident enough to take the Bonny to bits if I need to!

Spencer Barnes

This is SO true. I never really understood anything about how my bike worked, and last weekend I installed a tail tidy. Granted, it was a simple process, but it was my first time and I get such a huge sense of pride every time I see my bike. I'm hooked and can't wait to keep working on my beloved Bonnie!


+MJ P Cool! , that's great to hear mate. confidence comes from within you, all you need is a little inspiration, am glad we could help ! Take care, D&P!

Knut Oskar Løkka

I own a 2010 Bonneville SE and I always watch your videos before I do something on my bike. I think your videos are awesome and of great help. This spring I'm about to fit superbars, a cafe racer fairing, new headlight brackets, relocate the ignition lock. the new turn signals front and rear, a new taillight and a few other things. As I was watching this video I noticed the key ring that Penny's got for her bike and I've been looking all over the Internet to find one. That's exactly what you need for the ignition key. Can anyone please tell me where I can get one like that?

Knut Oskar Løkka

Thanks for the tip. A rubber thing like that is just what I need, because I don't want something sharp and heavy to be bouncing around leaving marks and it's not "healthy" for the ignition lock in the long run.


+Knut Oskar Løkka hi buddy. that key ring was the one i got when i bought my Scrambler new from the dealer. they gave them away with new bike. nothing special, just a soft rubber tab with triumph on it. have you tried asking your local Triumph dealer if they have them.

David Lehrer

Del, I ask you this as I have come to have great respect for your opinion in these matters. I bought my 2006 Harley XL1200C Sportster 5 months ago when it had 1600 original miles. I am quite convinced that the woman who sold it to my was completely honest in dealing with me, she had done the 1000 mile service at the dealer and had the paperwork . Anyway after putting another 1600 miles on it, the clutch burned out. No kidding. 3200 miles and the clutch crapped out. Turns out, after I towed it to the dealer, the clutch cable was way too tight. The dealer is putting in Screaming Eagle clutch which is supposedly slightly better and cheaper. Still the bill is over $800. Presumably, the clutch adjustment was correct at the 1000 mile service. Any idea how it could have come so far out of adjustment in 2200 miles? Would a too tight clutch cable burn out the clutch plates? By the way, I am a pretty darn conservative rider, if that matters. Any suggestions you make would be greatly appreciated. David Lehrer

David Lehrer

+Moonfleet41 Del, Thank you so much for your input. I just got the bike back from the dealer. The clutch is as smooth as silk. I am beginning to think that the clutch may have been slipping for some time. I believe that your explanation is spot on. Anyway, I am putting this whole thing behind me and moving on. My best to you and Penny. David Lehrer


+David Lehrer Hi David, so sorry to hear that mate, what a ball ache. and what a horrible financial kick in the nuts too ! Sadly, I have to tell you that it is entirely possible to burn out a clutch pack if your cable is too tight. it goes a little like this: You have two things to adjust on a clutch. The free play in the clutch pack itself, set by the centre nut at each service and then the Cable that actuates it. And it's completely possible for the clutch pack to be perfectly well adjusted, but if the cable is pulling on it too tight, and you don't have that all important 3mm of free play in the lever, then it's like you are riding down the road with the lever pulled in slightly. This means the clutch plates are not fully pressed together and there's less friction to make them grip each other, and with the huge and legendary torque in a Harley motor, the clutch plates will slip over each other on extreme load. you may not feel, or detect, this when riding, but it will be a constant slight slipp-age and then it's all downhill from there. slipping plates then overheat, that causes them to buckle and then they are only touches at various points, not all over. those points become 'hot spots' and it gets even hotter, which will start to break lumps of the soft material .. those lumps become debris, that eventually grinds away between the plates and just destroys the lot. What does surprise me is the bill - a set of plates, even some upgraded barnett plates, are only about £200 (UK) with a full gasket set, so those guys must have some serious labour charge. Sorry this has happened for you my friend, all you can do is grit your teeth , get past it, and make sure you ALWAYS have freeplay in the lever. and don't beat yourself up either mate, as it's entirely possible that she could have ridden the clutch whilst using the bike and done ALL the damage before you got the bike. Little used bikes 'one lady owner' lol --- can be more trouble than a heavily used daily commuter sometimes. good luck with it buddy, let us know how you get on, all the best, Del

I'm working my way through ALL your videos (ocd). It looks good, would like it tighter to the frame though (slightly shorter spacers?)

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